Dull Knives

by Street Names

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The debut EP from Madison, Wisconsin's Street Names


released June 10, 2016

Music and Lyrics written by Street Names
Engineered and Mixed by Jared Norton
Additional engineering by Landon Arkens
Mastered by Knack Studios
Album art photo by Peter Doucette

Street Names is:
Eric Doucette - Vocals/Guitar
Alex Shanahan - Guitar
Tylor Sherman - Bass
Jared Norton - Drums



all rights reserved


Street Names Madison, Wisconsin

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Track Name: The Gamble
Forgive me, men
For this is how, how it ends.
The windlass won't drop anchor
Where we're from, ever again.

I was young and humble once,
I asked the preacher's daughter
to take my ring and bear my name.

By wind and waves, through grace alone
With tales of valor, I'd return.
Now ash and smoke and broken bones
Are all I know, as good as gold.

It never was as I'd expected
That was any less than storybook endings.
But unlike the tales I learned as a kid,
There is no such thing as an easy win.

We are never coming home again.

By wind and waves, through grace alone
With tales of valor, I'd return.
Now ash and smoke and broken bones
Are all I know, as good as gold.

Forgive me, my love.
Forgive me, my home.
Forgive me, my pride, my kin, my life.

By word or song, the myth will carry on.
I'm sorry love, I'm never coming home.
Track Name: Day
I got home
Turned the key
Killed the car.
This vessel takes me back to where you are.
Opened the door
Took the stairs.
Found a box
Found you there
Sleeping after I killed the lock.

Lost in the way
Of whiskey age.
I left the day
To feel the same.

Left a note.
Restlessness sets in.
I had a walk down to the college
I watched them walk.
And I'm not a member, but
Who'd have known?

I'm included as a ghost.

I'm all alone.
I'm at my home.
I'm among these crowds.
I'm speaking out loud to the clouds.
I don't feel the sun.
The ice has just begun
Ever since I turned a key.
As we kill all cars just to restart.
Track Name: Be Desperate, Deny
You never had to tell me twice
To come over that night.
Even though you had no idea
I wished you'd seen it in my eyes,

Which were glassed over and glazed
With a poisoning denial.
I set a mirror upon times we'd spent
Staying warm on old cold nights.

If I hadn't been so desperate,
Then I don't think I would have.

But I could not have blamed you,
(You) and I were of the same suit.
Our perspectives all skewed
From some urgent withheld truth.

I have to say that I apologize
When you're upset but you don't know why.
I've always hated how we want so much
When we don't need so much in life.

Keep your eyes off mine
If you want to stay blind.
Track Name: Business School
To the ground I am tethered.
Two birds of a feather.
Invariably learning about us, together.
It's a new record keeping.
All mysteries, fleeting.
Unknowingly I tell it everything I'm bleeding, I'm...

Every ounce of my talents
To grow this grand palace
To heights where it can be named
The golden, grand phallus
Of God or whatever
Keeps me bound here and tethered
To the ground housing beings,
All convinced that they're better.

Though their opinion's misguided,
Undeserved, uninvited.
I'm still without an affluent bank account to fight it.

I'm fighting
To find it.

I move to their shaker.
I license the fakers.
My ilk and I are licensed to be ghostly caretakers
To God or whatever
Helps them sleep a bit better.
Wake up rested and ready
to collect on the favors they're owed.

Their opinion's misguided.
Undeserved, uninvited.
I'm still without any level, stable ground to fight it.
Track Name: Sliding Doors
Split up the sliding doors.
Your heart pulls west.
And that gold medal around your neck sets it back east, a bit.

A modest object took all your trust.
Stolen of its content,
Held down 'til it rusted.
Reluctantly received the contents of your heart,
Where the contents of its own would now be a part
Of a shrouded fair trade that I don't think you intended to make.

Say that it's only a day where you couldn't find your place.

So can you feel it
As the air makes its home in the tears in our wings?
We slide dull knives over brick walls
Hardly cutting anything.

We never searched for our saviors,
But we look harder these days.
We all just work for our masters
We never thought we'd create.

But you win.
I'm as guilty as them.